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1) It is impossible to touch your elbow with your tongue.

Answer: If you tryed this then you got this part wrong.

2) Chocolate.

Answer: If you thought of McDonald's then you got this part wrong.

3) Cat.

Answer: You got this wrong if you thought "Dog"

4) Speaking of dogs....take the word "Dog" and make another word with it.

Answer: If you got "God" then, you got this wrong.

5) Think about America.

Answer: If thought America was one of the smartest country, then you got this wrong and should get off that television!

6) Public Education.

Answer: If you said; Don't think about creativity and individuality you got this right.

7) Fantasy.

Answer; If you thought of pegasus and unicorns then, you got this wrong and have some imagination.

8) Money.

Answer; If thought of "weapon" or "destruction" then, you got this one correct!

9) Music.

If you of Justin Bieber, One Direction, or Hanna Montana then you got this one wrong.

10) (last question) Youtube.

Answer: If you thought of Stupid, Annoying, Weird, Funny, Entertaining, Epic, and Cool then you got this one right. ;)

What was score?
(How many correct out of the parts)

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